Minister Gasinzigwa advocates for self reliance among farmers in Nyanza as planting season begins

The minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Gasinzigwa Oda, joined farmers from different sectors in Nyanza district, to kick start the planting season A 2015, on the 09 September, 2014. Minister Gasizingwa, along with representatives from the ministry of Agriculture, Rwanda National Police, Rwanda Defence Force and authorities from Nyanza district took part in community work (Umuganda) in...
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Gender mainstreaming training for planners and budget officers launched

Kigali, 9th September, 2014- The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN), in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF), launched a two week workshop for planners and budget officers from all government institutions, at La Palisse Nyandungu. With a parallel workshop taking place in La Palisse Gashora, over 200 planners and budget officers will...
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Delegation on Rwanda Women and Leadership Friendship Tour visit MIGEPROF

Permanent Secretary, Umulisa Henriette, on 5th August, 2014, hosted women on the Rwanda Women and Leadership Friendship Tour at the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF). With the aim to learn about MIGEPROF’s contribution to the rebuilding of Rwanda, the delegation, headed by Professor Shirley Randell of Shirley Randell International, exchanged experiences and details on the...
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Other news
Uganda’s National Women’s Council commend achievements of women in Rwanda

Kigali, 4th August, 2014 - A delegation of women from National Women’s Council in Uganda, during their visit to the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF), commended the government of Rwanda for its efforts in supporting and protecting women. “Since we’ve come, we have only been (...) Read more

Abagore biyemeje kugira uruhare mu kwimakaza ubunyarwanda

Abagore batandukanye bahagarariye abandi bemeza ko bumvise neza gahunda ya Ndi umunyarwanda kandi bakaba bagiye kugira uruhare rugaragara ngo iyi gahunda igere kandi yumvwe na buri muturarwanda. Ibi abagore bahagarariye Inama y’Igihugu y’Abagore kuva ku rwego rw’umudugudu kugera ku murenge (...) Read more

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