11th Children Summit: Parents and Children urged to preserve the Rwandan cultural values


Children performing the "Intore Dance" at the Summit

Kigali, 08th December, 2016 – “We have an important responsibility as parents to spare quality time to listen to our children because they have relevant opinions that could contribute to national development. We also need to instill them with cultural values because they are the next generation who will carry this country forward,” said the Right Honorable Mukabalisa Donatille, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, during her opening remarks at the 11th Children’s summit held at the Parliament of Rwanda.

The event brought together more than 480 from across the country and had discussions around the Summit’s theme: “Positive Parenting, foundation of culture”. Children expressed their gratitude to the Government of Rwanda for providing them with a platform to share their ideas and committed to keep the cultural values to ensure the national dignity in the years to come.

We recognize as children that we are the future leaders of this country. Therefore, we understand that we need to be equipped with all the values of true Rwandan to ensure the continuity of our nation”, said the national Vice Chairperson of children’s forum Nsabimana Shadrack.

We are grateful for all the efforts done by our government to protect our rights and prepare us to become future responsible citizens. We have the responsibility as children to keep what we are thought and encourage our fellows who straying”, added Clemence Uwineza, from Kicukiro District.

The children at the summit called for continued sensitization of parents to play their vital role in ensuring the stability of the families and promoting their children education, imparting culture values in them as the future parents and leaders. During the panel discussion that engaged children representatives, parents, teachers, local leaders, security organs, government officials and the private sector; it was resolved that every category has a role to play in preserving the Rwandan culture and dignity as well as nurturing the next generation. They also tackled issues of street children and teenage pregnancies that still hinder children rights promotion and dignity. Intervening in the discussion, Minister Nyirasafari Esperance of Gender and Family Promotion urged parents to teach their children about reproductive health and encouraged Children to report abuse and violence timely so that the perpetrators get punished as provided by the Law. “The main responsibility is ours as parents to protect or children therefore, we shall not continue to tolerate those who abuse the future of our children.” She said.

The UN Resident Coordinator, Lamin Manneh, who attended the summit and spoke on behalf of Development partners, commended Rwanda for the efforts and achievements in promoting family as foundation of the society and protecting children rights. “children, you should know that you are growing up in a country that recognizes and respects your rights, seize that opportunity to take Rwanda on higher heights even; do not hesitate to express your views because your leaders are ready to listen to you”, he added.

As the 11th Children’s summit focused on preserving the Rwandan culture through positive parenting, children also had an opportunity to showcase their talents through songs, dances and poems. The summit was organized by the National Commission for Children (NCC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, and attracted Governors of Provinces, Mayors and other Official, with the technical and financial support of different partners.