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Dear visitors, 

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion website.  The Ministry is entrusted by the Government with a mandate of ensuring that the elaboration, coordination and implementation of appropriate policies on gender equality and women empowerment, family promotion and children’s rights protection is a success.  

The Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003 as amended on 24th December 2015 in its Article 10, 4° has enshrined promotion of  gender equality, family and protection of children’s’ rights among the major priorities for the Government of Rwanda throughout the recovery and reconstruction process after the tragedy of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. This Constitutional provision affirms that women occupy 30% of positions in decision making organs. It further affirms in Article 18, the protection of the family by the State, as being the natural foundation of the Rwandan society. To-date, we are proud of the country’s achievements in unity and reconciliation, peace, security and prosperity with all her citizens, male and female participating in the development process.

Presently, the Ministry is centrally focusing on promoting family welfare and peaceful co-existence of its members, protecting the rights of children and ensuring that they are free from exposure to any risk and abuse. This central focus will aim at providing institutional framework for high end research and evidence based interventions to address risks and abuse and ensure that the Rwandan families, notably women and children are healthy.  The Ministry   recognizes the need to strengthen the family ties as a foundation for continued national building. It is therefore pertinent to note that we are all members of a family and it all starts with family, therefore worth to protect from now and for generations to come. Our future depends on the institution of the family and our national prosperity is a result of the stability and welfare of the family.  Therefore, the Ministry encourages every Rwandan, friends of Rwanda and partners to contribute in building and providing for strong unified and peaceful families. The enabling environment created to implement the existing policies and programs has greatly contributed to the promotion of family unity and values as well as platforms such as “Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi” (evening parents’ forum) for open community discussions on outstanding issues constraining family prosperity. We are therefore, greatly indebted to invite everyone to be part of these opportunities.

Children are our future; they deserve to enjoy their full rights. We collectively have the responsibility to nurture and protect them, provide a peaceful growing environment for them, both at home and at school and cushioning them from being lured into deviant behaviors such as drug and substance abuse that come along with many consequences like street and run-away children phenomenon and other juvenile delinquent behaviors. It is a collective responsibility of family heads to understand factors that put children and youth at increased risk for anti-social and delinquent behavior. Positive parenting is therefore encouraged for the upbringing of children in Rwanda. The Ministry is therefore at the forefront to encourage male and female parents to make it a success. 

The Government has also been very instrumental in putting in place functioning institutions to champion the cause. 


In this respect, National Commission for Children and National Women’s Council are critical in achieving the mandate. Citizens and local leaders are also responsible for the children’s protection in relation to health, safety, education, trafficking and sexual exploitation among others. Providing children with skills and knowledge to enable them to make right decisions as well as protecting them from consequences of irrational decisions like unwanted pregnancies. 

The Ministry is equally pre-occupied with Women economic and political empowerment through promotion of girl’s education in science and technology (ICT) and Technical and Vocational Training (TVET), Women access to finance programs among others. This is expected to improve professional and technical skills to enhance access to productive employment and access to finance. Girls and women highly acknowledge and cherish the value and empowerment His Excellency the President of the republic of Rwanda, President Paul KAGAME and his leadership has given to fully use their potential and contribute to the national development. The Head of State has championed women advancement and reiterated the benefits realized from women advancement and gender equality as a human right. The President’s initiatives to remove legal and social barriers that had kept many classes of people from fully participating in public life has encouraged women in Rwanda to emerge successfully in the economic and social transformation of their country. As part of his commitment to ensure gender equality and justice, His Excellency President Paul KAGAME was among the Global Champions for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment through the “He For She” Campaign. In this campaign that aims at encouraging men and boys to support gender equality and women empowerment, President KAGAME committed to bridge the gender digital divide and attain parity in ICT access, usage and innovation by 2020, to triple girls enrolment in Technical and Vocational training to advance women’s employment opportunities and to eradicate Gender Based Violence in all its forms.    

In Rwanda, the journey to equality is not new but work in progress: Women have got access to finance, Girls education is now a priority, decision making among women in Rwanda is remarkable and Children’s rights to education is a success story. These efforts by the Head of State have made Rwanda a global leader in political, empowerment of women where 64% of women are in Parliament. This gives the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion a great opportunity to strengthen policies that promote gender equality and protection of children.

The Ministry is further committed to partner with other institutions to promote zero tolerance to Gender Based Violence (GBV). 

Dear partners, friends and visitors to this portal, you are warmly invited to check on our periodical updates and we appreciate your support, contributions and feedback. 


Thank you.


Hon. Nyirasafari Espérance

Minister of Gender and Family Promotion