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Gender Equality in Livelihood Development in Participatory Slum Upgrading

5 September 2013- The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Gasinzigwa Oda participated in the 2nd Tripartite Conference of the African Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP), European Commission and UN-Habitat on “sustainable urbanization as Response to Urban Poverty Eradication– Slum Upgrading and Community Empowerment”, held at Serena Hotel in Kigali.

The conference seeks to present the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP) and other programmes and actions for sustainable urban development and slum upgrading. PSUP is being implemented in 34 ACP countries that include Rwanda, and advocates for each country to reduce by half the number of slum dwellers by the year 2020.

During the conference, Minister Gasinzigwa participated in one of the ministerial round table on “Gender Equality in Livelihood Development in Participatory Slum Upgrading”.

The objective of this round table was to:

• Share Rwandan experience and best practices aimed at addressing gender inequalities in slum upgrading; and

• Encourage policy-makers to integrate gender perspective into policies, projects and programmes for sustainable urban development;

The Minister shared key specific initiatives for participatory slum upgrading in Rwanda like the organic land law that determining the use and management of land in Rwanda, the communal settlement model(Imidugudu) and the Safe City Kigali Programme among others.

“During the land tenure regularization process, men and women were registered equally for each plot, implying that gender needs were catered for’’, she said.

She also stressed that Rwanda constitution is gender sensitive. “We have women in decision making at all levels to make sure that policies and laws are effectively implemented”.

However, to improve the gender livelihood, governments, policy makers and development community need to understand the gender impacts of rural urban migration, slum growth and rapid urbanization, she said.


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