Celebrating Gender Equality for Sustainable Development:20 Years of Liberation.

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Rwandan women have always merited dignity, what the liberation did was only to polish it and let it shine

On 6th July 2014, the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion in conjunction with the women of Rwanda led by the National Women Council organized an event to cerebrate Liberation and pay tribute to the Rwanda Army for liberating the country and giving women back their dignity. The women who participated in the event were from all corners of the country, plus women leaders and women from the...
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Thousands of young Rwandans remember children killed in the Genocide against the Tutsi

As Rwanda remembers the Genocide against the Tutsi for the twentieth time, a special event known as Kwibuka Abana or ‘Remember the Children’ has been held in Kigali. Today also marks the Day of the African Child. In addition to the event in Kigali, Kwibuka Abana has been held by all 30 districts from April to June 2014. The event began with a Walk to Remember as thousands of children joined...
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Family Campaign 2014 closed in Bugesera District.

The month long Family Campaign that has been running since 15th May 2014 under the theme ‘’ Balance Diet and Improved Hygiene for Family Development,’’ was officially closed on 13th June 2014 at Rweru Sector in Bugesera District by the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Gasinzigwa Oda. The (...) Read more

Campaign on Balance diet and improved hygiene for family development launched

On 15th May 2014, the Family month campaign was launched in RUTSIRO District, in Gihango Sector. This Campaign will run from 15th May to 13th June 2014 under the theme, “Balance Diet and Improved Hygiene for Family Development" Indyo yuzuye n’Isuku, Ishingiro ry’Iterambere ry’Umuryango”. The (...) Read more

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